The Patent

how it works

Glasses Finder provides a tracking system for a pair of eyeglasses. The system is comprised of an embedded location transmitter that may be placed anywhere within the eyeglass frame, for an example in the bridge. The transmitter works in tandem with a mobile device application that allows the user to see the location of the glasses on demand. The glasses may also send an alert (audible or otherwise) to the mobile device when the user is a preset distance apart from their glasses. The application and transmitter may communicate via Zigbee, technology. The device is able to continuously store tracking information. The exact specifications may vary from frame to frame

The technology

  • The Microchip is 3mm x 3mm
  • Long Battery, possible years
  • Battery and Chip both in bedded into the frame
  • The location transmitter has a 100m plus radius


  • Connection speed is 30 micro seconds (Bluetooth is 3 secs)
  • Connection to Smart phones and/or Smart home technology
  • Set up alerts to tell you when you are leaving your glasses behind
  • Request your glasses to alarm on request 

TRACK™ My Glasses Media KIt

We help you keep you find your glasses.

TRACK™ My Glasses 

Financial Outlook

There are an estimated 134.7 million households in the U.S. that could utilize this unique product. Most of these (75%) contain residents that wear some type of corrective eyewear. According to, the eyewear industry (glasses, sunglasses, goggles and other items) generates approximately $34.45 billion per year in revenue. The subsequent financial projections are based on a conservative estimate that a small percentage of this market would purchase eyewear (glasses, sunglasses) containing the Track my Glasses™ transmitter during its first year on the market. An annual growth factor, based on a standard new product adoption curve, is assumed once the Track my Glasses™  technology gains market acceptance.

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We help you keep you find your glasses.